???????????????????????Gemalto is committed to high standards of corporate governance, as the Board considers that this contributes to the Company's long-term success and supports sound decision-making. The Board is accountable to the shareholders for Gemalto's corporate governance structure and for compliance with the Dutch corporate governance code, which sets out principles and best practices for Dutch listed companies.? The The Board agrees with the code's general approach and the majority of its principles and best practice provisions. 

                      A broad outline of Gemalto′s corporate governance structure, and its implementation during 2018 in accordance with the 2016 code's "comply or explain" principle, is to be found on pages 58-63 of the Company's 2018 Annual Report?.?

                      Gemalto's corporate governance structure is based on the requirements of Dutch corporate law, the Dutch Financial Markets Supervision Act and Dutch corporate governance rules. The Dutch Autoriteit Financi?le Markten (AFM: Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets) is the Company's supervising authority. It follows the French Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF: French Financial Markets Authority) regulations where applicable, and is complemented by several internal procedures.?.

                      Corporate and Securities Law Information

                      Disclosure of securities transactions

                      Pursuant to Dutch law, Board members and Executives have to notify the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) of transactions in Gemalto Financial Instruments concluded by or on behalf of them. The notified transactions are disclosed on the AFM website:

                      Board members and Gemalto Employees are bound by the Gemalto Policy on Inside Information and Trading in Financial Instruments.

                      Articles of Association 2019

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                      Please note that the English  version is an unofficial translation of the original and authentic Dutch text?.

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