SafeNet brand update

                      ???On January 8, 2015, SafeNet became part of Gemalto with the aim to become the world's leading vendor of solutions for protecting data, transactions, and identities as well as monetizing software. SafeNet is firmly integrated into the wider product Gemalto portfolio and its solutions for Enterprise Security and Software Monetization are now at the heart of our vision to bring trust to an increasingly connected world. 

                      SafeNet is now Gemalto. New name, same commitment  

                      The Gemalto brand has evolved to include the SafeNet portfolio and has resulted in some important changes to the former SafeNet corporate branding. In brief, this means that the SafeNet name will now refer to a product offer while Gemalto will be used as the company brand. The most visible impact for you will be a phase out of the SafeNet company logo although the SafeNet and Sentinel names will still be used for our products.

                      For existing SafeNet customers and partners, this means that the brand logo on all legal documents and correspondence will be replaced with Gemalto.  However, as there are no changes to the SafeNet legal entities at this time, there should be no action on your part to change the legal entity name used within accounting and legal documents.

                      Below are some frequently asked questions we wanted to address as part of the SafeNet business and brand integration into Gemalto.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      Q: As a Saf??eNet customer or partner, is there anything I need to do differently?

                      A: There is no action required on your behalf at this time.  This is simply a notice to you to explain the change in the appearance of correspondence we send to you.  Please ensure all new orders continue to reference the SafeNet entity you have used in the past. 

                      Q: What happens if I use the Gemalto name after December 8, 2015?

                      A: Orders should continue to reference the appropriate SafeNet entity.  Orders submitted using any Gemalto name cannot be accepted.  This may cause a delay in your order processing and fulfillment.

                      Q: Does this affect products or services?

                      A: No. This change only affects the company brand displayed on all business documents and correspondence.  All products and product numbers will stay the same and will be rebranded over time.

                      Q: Will Gemalto continue offering all S?afeNet products?

                      A: Over the last few months, Gemalto and SafeNet have reviewed the product portfolio to see which product areas they wanted to invest more in and where there are opportunities for operational efficiencies. The following product categories are ones that Gemalto is expanding investment in:

                      Q: Who should I contact ??if I would like to order SafeNet products?

                      A: You should contact your local sales manager that you have been working with to this point.

                      ?Q: Are any product ??names being changed?

                      A: All existing product names remain the same. Moving forward, with new product releases, we will be changing the names of some SafeNet/Gemalto product family names as outlined in the SafeNet product renaming document. These will be communicated as part of future product releases. However, the Ezio product family names and those of the Sentinel Software Monetization products are not planned to change in the near future.

                      See the list of products that already have a new name.

                      Q: How will our social media accounts be rebranded?

                      A: The SafeNet social media properties (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) will be rebranded to Gemalto. This will apply to the former corporate accounts and the Identity and Data Protection social media properties. For example, for Twitter  @SafeNetInc has already been rebranded to @GemaltoSecurity and @SafeNetUK to @GemaltoUK. The other networks will be rebranded in early 2016. The SafeNet Art of Data Protection blog will also transition to the Gemalto blog.

                      The Software Monetization social accounts will not change. We will continue to use the LicensingLive! name as it covers the event and the global software licensing market. The related social media properties will therefore not be rebranded.

                      Q: Who should I contact if I have questions?

                      A: You can contact your SafeNet regional sales manager or Channel Manager, or you can contact SafeNet Customer Service for additional information using the following email addresses:


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