Get your own graphical personalization options

                      ????????????Dare to ??be unique??? by getting a unique banking card with Gemalto??

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                      Transparent Card


                      ?Delivers an elegant finish and tactile feel to the card with a g?olden or silver topping


                      The preferred technique for text on the back of the card. Slightly engraved and filled with black or white ink

                      Ul?tra Graphic / Thermal transfer?

                      Print both images and text in many colors for a complete branded and personalized card

                      Transparent Card

                      ?A high-end burning technique that allows bar codes, images and even smart characters on the card

                      Drop On-demand

                      For innovation, creativity and quality.  

                      A resistant inkjet printing technique that gives a slight ‘topping’ effect on the card

                      Magstripe printing

                      A smart way of using space to communicate, using black or silver text?

                      QR CODE

                      Share key messages or rewards with your consumers

                      Scratch Panel

                      To reveal private information only to the end consumer??

                      Photo Printing

                      ?Leverage on Gemalto extensive experience in managing photo personalization

                      Activation Label 
                      Activation LaBeL

                      This standard activation label can be used to display security recommendation or the next steps for card activation

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