Thales IoT Connectivity

                      Thales connectivity solutions are at the heart of the IoT and modern digital transformation. Our comprehensive portfolio of Industrial SIMs and eSIMs,Cinterion IoT Modules and Plug and Play IoT Devices connect more than 3 billion things every year worldwide. Thales products are designed to deliver future-proof, reliable cellular connectivity while streamlining development timelines and speeding time to market. Trust Thales to deliver reliable, long life IoT connectivity to support your digital transformation.

                      Industrial SIMs and eSIMs

                      Thales is the world-leading provider of industrial SIMs, eSIMs and eUICCs. Our solutions simplify and speed IoT project timelines and deliver key benefits:  

                      • Secure the digital identity of IoT devices connected over cellular networks
                      • Deliver strong authentication and ciphering technology
                      • Enable secure Over-The-Air (OTA) downloading of mobile network operator profiles
                      • Turn on cellular connectivity and manage network subscriptions
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                      Cinterion IoT Modules

                      Thales's portfolio of Cinterion IoT Modules delivers always-on cellular communications for virtually any IoT applications. Their rugged design, unparalleled engineering and highest manufacturing standards make them reliable in the most extreme environments and over the long life of industrial solutions. From high-speed data to highly efficient LPWA connectivity, Cinterion IoT Modules provide the right connectivity and features for any IoT application:

                      High-speed data solutions

                      • Cat 6 and higher
                      • Mbps to Gbps
                      • Rich data stream
                      • HD video & voice

                      Performance MTC solutions

                      • Cat M1, Cat 1, Cat 4
                      • Mbps
                      • Data & voice stream
                      • Full device management
                      • Rich feature set
                      • Smart device features

                      Focused MTC solutions

                      • NB1/NB2 – Cat M1
                      • Message to Kbps
                      • Efficient communication

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                      Cinterion Plug and Play IoT Solutions

                      Cinterion Plug and Play IoT Solutions work out of the box to quickly and easily add IoT connectivity to industrial applications. With very little integration effort, Terminals and Modem Cards can be connected to applications via standard industrial interfaces providing real-time data communications and visibility. Plug and Play solutions support new IoT ecosystem participants on their digital transformation journey.

                      Are Plug and Play solutions right for your IoT innovation?

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