Thales eSIM Generic Voucher

                      Activate new mobile subscriptions via a reusable QR Code


                      The increasingly rapid deployment of embedded SIM (eSIM) is adding further momentum to Digital Transformation. In conjunction with specifications defined by the GSMA, eSIM capable devices are opening the door to secure, remote eSIM activation of mobile subscriptions, anytime and anywhere. In response, MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) must meet rising consumer expectations regarding the connectivity of eSIM capable smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and laptops, and are increasingly looking for innovative ways to reach customers and streamline the management of their subscriptions.

                      This is precisely where our new solution, eSIM Generic Voucher, fits into the picture. Utilizing a single & reusable QR code, eSIM Generic Voucher provides a seamless and secure means for MNOs to promote and manage subscription offers. A host of new techniques for attracting customers is put within easy reach.

                      eSIM Generic Voucher

                      With eSIM Generic Voucher, MNOs can now allocate and activate numerous new subscriptions via a single QR code. Not only does this simplify subscription management, but it also enables the creation of a wealth of different marketing campaigns: a single QR code can be promoted to numerous potential customers, through print media, outdoor posters and digital signage, for example. What's more, with eSIM Generic Voucher, MNOs are able to effortlessly track and measure the effectiveness of each element of their marketing campaigns. 

                      For customers, signing up to a new subscription is as simple as scanning the QR Code. Wherever an ID verification service is required before activation, Thales' Trusted ID platform of services integrates all the technology bricks needed to complete a swift and convenient verification process. 

                      Our solution is flexible too – here are just three of the many exciting use cases for eSIM Generic Voucher:

                      Targeted prepaid offers for inbound travelers

                      This offer enables travelers to use a QR code to activate a prepaid subscription in their destination country. MNOs can therefore run "push" advertising campaigns for their prepaid offers using media such as printed flyers. Travelers simply scan the featured QR code with their eSIM capable smartphone and a mobile subscription is downloaded to the device. The user then only needs to accept the activation offer to be connected to the MNO's network and get a new local phone number. 

                      For maximum flexibility and reach, the eSIM Generic Voucher containing the QR code can be used with virtually any type of media, including newspapers, advertising sites at airports, and in hotels and taxis. Furthermore, the effectiveness of media can be measured quickly and easily via the number of subscription activations generated via the reusable QR code. 

                      Swift enrollment of multiple devices under a single contract

                       Enrollment of multiple devices under a single contract

                      Another exciting opportunity is the marketing of a single QR code to enable activation of subscriptions for multiple devices (smartphone, tablet, wearable etc…), all covered by a single contract. In a highly connected world, with an ever-wider array of devices and objects needing to be securely and seamlessly enrolled with their owners or users, this approach will prove increasingly compelling. With eSIM Generic Voucher, making it happen is simple and straightforward. 

                      Streamlined management of smartphone fleets for enterprises

                      Management of smartphone fleets for enterprises

                      Using eSIM Generic Voucher, MNOs can enable enterprises to manage a fleet of smartphones with different profiles easily and seamlessly, even if they are already in the field. 

                      Typically, different functions within the same organization, such as sales, remote employees and corporate HQ staff, have different subscription profiles for their connected work devices. Thales' new solution means that MNOs can offer enterprises the convenience of issuing a QR code for employees to download and activate the right subscription profile.  


                      The benefits of eSIM Generic Voucher for MNOs: 

                      • Maximize the ability to reach new customers and activate subscriptions, using innovative QR code-based push marketing campaigns and use cases 
                      • Create new sources of revenue via business agreements with service partners that promote the eSIM Generic Voucher through their own media: taxis, airports, hotels, e-travel portals etc... 
                      • Streamline customer acquisition costs with a more cost-effective and efficient method of reaching new customers and managing their subscriptions 
                      • Strengthen control over subscription marketing and management. A dedicated customer care interface puts MNOs in charge of subscription profiles management, QR code generation and download rules. MNOs can create, generate and publish generic vouchers in accordance with their own strategies and policies, for example defining how many times a profile can be downloaded to the same device. 
                      • Integrates easily with existing infrastructures; no impact on data generation processes (input files/output files). 


                      The benefits of eSIM Generic Voucher for end-users: 

                      • A seamless and secure end-to-end process for subscription activation. Nothing more than an eSIM capable smartphone is required to scan the QR code promoted by an MNO, in any location where a wi-fi connection is available: at home, in an airport, hotel etc
                      • No need to download an app – simply scan the code
                      • Effortlessly enroll all the user's connected devices under a single contract
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